Do you wish to live well into your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's 70's and  beyond.

1. Do you want to learn a secret to preventing injury?  We will show how tactile awareness can help you learn new skills faster, stay coordinated, and prevent injury.Many people use pressure,  and compression to stay aware of body parts in space, something professionals call proprioception.    You can also use proprioception to help train musculature that is difficult to find and control.  Learn more about how proprioception can work for you.

2. Are you developing pain from sitting too much?  We now know sitting is the new smoking, and can put years of wear on your low back and neck, and can actually take years off your life.  Standing at your workstation is a great alternative, but you need to integrate  movement while you stand to ultimately keep you healthier.

3. Ouch, that massage hurts!  Try suction massage instead of pressure massage, to stimulate additional blood flow and oxygenate your tissue.  Massage cupping breaks up cellulite and delivers blood flow and oxygen to stagnant soft tissue – Get the Raised Red Reaction most deep tissue massages seek to generate, but often fail to deliver in a fraction of the time with Massage cupping.

4. Are you, or is a loved one dealing with an embarrassing leaky bladder with activity? Build a functional pelvic floor and say goodbye to this unwelcome embarrassment. If you are here looking for a kegel weight set to help you "weight train" your pelvic floor,  you are not in the right place.  Inti Fit  works with customers to help them create functional pelvic floors (not  just  tense pelvic floors) that stop leaks fast!

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Inti Fit sent me information on the product before I even received it. They sent the direction on how to use the product and it was very helpful. They have been wonderful about making sure if there are any questions they are there to answer them.

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Discreet packaging, quick and easy service, sent follow up email to assure I was satisfied. Two-thumbs up!

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Doesn't it seem like our 21st century lifestyle is always creating short term comforts, at the expense of long term health? 

We recognize this trend, and as physical and cognitive therapists, we want to empower you with helpful information to keep you living well.  People's bodies do not need to fall victim to the 21st century's living and working environments. 

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