The Story Behind Inti Fit's Best Selling Kegel Exercise Kit

“Once upon a time, I didn’t fear trampolines,
coughing and sneezing.”

The trampoline, for most, is a fun, carefree piece of gym equipment that elicits laughter, joy and tummy turning happiness. Jump higher, do a flip, spin around, wet your pants…Wait! What? You read that right. Wet…Your…Pants. What in the world am I talking about? If you've given birth or endured the hormonal changes brought on by menopause, your pelvic floor muscles have weakened. So what's that got to do with a trampoline? Well, go ahead, climb onto one of those platforms of play and… JUMP! If your pelvic floor is weak, wet your pants will be!

Believe it or not, this was the “ah ha” moment that would set the wheels in motion, leading to the inception of the Premium IntiFit Kegel Exercise Kit as a new offering in IntiFit’s line of innovative, restorative healthcare products. But I got ahead of myself, let’s get back to the journey.

As I related the trampoline experience to my female friends, I was met with knowing nods of empathy and unspoken understanding. That’s right, it turns out one quarter of all women suffer from a weak pelvic floor, but because of the embarrassing stigma attached, many simply don’t talk about it, even with their doctors! Not one to keep quiet, I started the discussion and what I discovered was both frustrating and disturbing and left me feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

I immediately set up an appointment with my gynecologist. We talked about kegel exercises. Yes, I knew what they were. No, I didn’t adhere to any regular kegel regime. She then broke into a litany of options, everything from transvaginal mesh surgery to Poise incontinence pads to urethral plugs. Surgery, pads and plugs? Oh my! And, no thanks. Eventually, she prescribed physical therapy sessions which involved fingers, biofeedback and Electrical Stimulation utilizing vaginal probes. Was I excited? Nope. Did all this sound scary? Yup. I endured a few rounds of therapy and attempted some kegels at home, even sang a stupid song the PT taught me:

“Oh baby do the kegel, the pelvic squeeze.
Come on with me ladies and kegel please.
You’ll adore your pelvic floor,
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ... and relax.”

There’s more to the song, but I’ll spare you. Deciding I am tone deaf and that über invasive and costly options were not for me, I continued my search. I read about radio devices I could insert into my body that paired with Wifi or bluetooth, cueing me to do a kegel and then measuring its effectiveness. I wasn't so keen about that. Did you know bluetooth devices use microwave radiation to transmit and receive data? Radiation? In my sacred vessel? I don’t think so. Reading studies about men experiencing low sperm count and DNA-damaged sperm from bluetooth and cell phone radiation, well, that’s some scary stuff, so onto safer options I went.

I looked more closely at kegel weights, kegel balls, kegel cones, and other shapes designed for strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles while you go about your daily activities, and was amazed by the variety available. I was beyond amazed when I stumbled across a bizarre, for lack of a better word, woman known as the Vaginal Kung Fu Master, who can lift 10 pounds with her vagina. Go ahead, look her up, she’s real! Although I didn't aspire to lift 10 pounds, or even 1 pound for that matter, with my vagina, I did aspire to keep my pants dry after sneezing, coughing and trampolining, so I looked harder into the kegel devices that were not too heavy and that looked like they would be comfortable to wear.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a slew of kegel devices on the market and they come in different materials, like surgical steel, hard plastic and silicone. They’re made in various shapes, such as conical, blunt spheres or a hybrid of the two. Some have strings, some are just weighted balls. Some vibrate and others just sit there. Some have seams that scream “BACTERIA-TRAP” and a few actually resemble Medieval torture devices with springs and gears. My mind was swimming. So many options, just one vagina. Mine, and I wasn’t about to put just any random thing in there! Ha ha, very funny, back to kegel weights.

Armed with all my research, advice and professional input, we set out to craft the perfect kegel exercise kit and, within a year, IntiFit launched its best selling restorative health product – The IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Kit.

IntiFit Core MusclesNow hold on, because here comes the anatomy lesson. Intifit’s Premium Kegel Exercise Kit targets a thin layer of muscles found at the base of the pelvis. These pelvic floor muscles serve as the foundation for your “core” and are connected to the intra-abdominal muscles, back muscles (multifidus) and the diaphragm. When you perform core exercises, you are often affecting or engaging the pelvic floor – who knew? The pelvic floor supports and helps control the opening of the bladder, rectum and uterus and it also plays an important part in sexual and sensual function. When the pelvic floor is weakened, bladder leakage and even prolapse of your organs can occur through the body’s openings, often when the pelvic floor is stressed by laughing, coughing, sneezing, moving, lifting or jumping on that cursed trampoline!

Learning how to control and coordinate the movement of your pelvic floor musculature is the key to a healthy pelvic floor. This is where IntiFit’s kegel kit comes into play, as it assists you in locating the proper set of muscles and can cue you to flex your pelvic floor muscles.

IntiFit Kegel Exercise KitAfter using IntiFit’s premium kegel exercise kit, I noticed a difference in a week. I wasn’t crossing my legs when I sneezed. The incidences of urinary leakage were markedly reduced. After a month of use, I decided to face my ultimate demon; the trampoline. One bounce. Good. Two bounces. Still okay. Three, four, five…I’m flying high and feeling invincible. Next, I’m considering a front somersault with a half twist. 

Today, I maintain a healthy and strong pelvic floor through occasional use with my kegel exercise kit. Am I lifting 10 pounds? Nope, but I’m happy to report better bladder control and enhanced sexual intimacy. The frightening thought of pelvic organ prolapse doesn’t even cross my mind.

I’m very proud to report that IntiFit’s Kegel Exercise Kit has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of women. It has consistently been the best selling, most recommended bladder control device available on Amazon – and the reviews speak for themselves.

IntiFit Happy WomanI’m so happy I didn’t rush to have invasive surgery or resign myself to placing a pad or urine blocker and thinking, “This is just how it’s gonna be. Deal with it.” Know that you don’t have to settle or spend a lot of money to experience improved pelvic floor health. With IntiFit’s Premiere Kegel Exercise Kit, your “once upon a time” is possible once again!

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