A Physician's Perspective - "An ideal method to perform active Kegel or pelvic floor exercises"

"IntiFit’s weighted vaginal cones, made of medical grade silicone, provide an ideal method to perform active Kegel or pelvic floor exercises. The use of weighted cones of varying weights adds an additional work out to passive Kegel exercises alone.

Studies have shown that they are more helpful than passive Kegel exercises alone in the management of mild stress urinary incontinence in the absence of significant pelvic organ relaxation (prolapse). Anecdotes have shown that the use of weighted vaginal cones have an additional benefit of enhancing sexual intimacy.

Indeed, published studies have shown that stronger pelvic floor muscles (the pubococcygeus) improve sexual function and orgasm. Made to last, easy to use, and easy to clean make Intifit’s weighted cones the ideal choice for active Kegel exercises."

Susan J. Kerrigan, MD
Medical College of Virginia
Doctor of Medicine (MD), Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Fellow, Gynecologic Surgery

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