To promote movement and healing we are happy to present The Therapeutic Foot Disc by IntiFit. It is a magnetic acupressure disc, with clusters of tiny acupressure points that require movement while standing on it with socks or bare feet.  

We have tried a lot of accessories to keep our feet and body moving while standing at our work, and find this disc to be the perfect accessory to place under your desk, in your kitchen, or in any other place where you spend a lot of time standing or sitting.  

The IntiFit disc encourages different foot positioning while invigorating tired feet...and the health benefits of using this disc go well beyond the feet! Customers have noted improved circulation, rejuvenation of various body parts, and increased energy levels. "It's like a vacation for the feet.  After a day of use, my feet feel like they would feel after a day at the beach, or after running barefoot over the grass."

A colorful foot reflexology chart is included with each disk, so you can be sure to target key pressure points, maximizing the benefits of IntiFit's therapeutic disk.  We are delighted to be offering this product to the many people who find themselves standing or sitting, in any particular location frequently.  You will not want to work, stand or sit  a day without it.