Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do your products come with a guide?
Yes. We provide detailed and easy to follow step by step manuals that should help you maximize the benefits of your new IntiFit products.

Q: Are your products safe to use?
Yes. IntiFit is a USA based therapeutic product company that designs and inspects each of our products' quality, making sure that they are always made with the finest medical grade materials available.

Q: Do you ship outside the US?
A: No, not yet.

Q: Do I have to register to buy from you?
Sign up is completely optional. If you have an Amazon account, you can also get our products via our Amazon store. Click here to go to our Amazon store.

Q: Does your cart auto calculate shipping cost?
Yes, it does.

Q: Can I join the VIP club?
Yes, you can. Just fill out the form in this link and you will receive a confirmation email once you are eligible to join.

Q: Is my contact information safe in your site?
Yes, it is. We highly value privacy and security so your information will never be revealed to any third party.

Q: What are the payment options?
We accept payments via credit or debit card, paypal, and amazon payments.

Q: Do you accept other currencies?
We only accept payment in US Dollars ($).

Q: Can I get a discount?
Yes, you can by signing up to join our VIP club.

Q: What if the product doesn’t work out for me? Can you give a refund?
A: Yes, we can. You have the option to get a refund. IntiFit has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its products. You just need to send us an email.  It would help us if you can specifically tell us what is not working.  We do our best to understand your needs and improve our services and merchandise for our customers. We are confident about the quality of our products and in our dedicated and friendly customer service team and are willing to help out if you have any questions.

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Silicone Cupping Kit

Q: Will Static Cupping cause "hickey" marks or bruising?
 The longer you leave a cup on one spot, and the deeper you press the cup before releasing it, the more blood flow the cups will bring to that area. Slight bruising or "hickey" marks are sometimes left from any Static Cupping treatment. These marks simply indicate that toxins and stagnant fluid are being brought to the surface of the skin, which paves the way for better blood and lymph circulation, more elastic tissue, and improved energy flow in the targeted area. Any redness or "Hickey" marks are temporary and will fade over several days.

If you don't wish to have these temporary, red circular cupping marks on your body - no problem, just use Flush Cupping or Motion Cupping. If you still want to try Static Cupping, but don't want the marks, simply reduce the time and the amount of suction that you apply the cups to one spot for. The manual mentions a maximum of 15 mins for Static Cupping but everyone's body reacts differently to suction and we would recommend that you Static Cup for much less time to start out with, if you are at all concerned about these very temporary cup marks (try working your way up from 30 seconds with light suction).

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Kegel Exercise Kit

Q: Can I use this with an intrauterine device or IUD?
A: Each case is different and it would be best if you ask your doctor about your individual case. What we can tell you is that there many anecdotes of people using kegel exercise devices like our kegel exercise kit with an IUD successfully.

Q: How do I feel the  vibration of the exerciser?
A: The device has a mechanical vibration, (not electrical) that occurs with movement.  You can shake them in your hand to feel it.  It is not like an electric vibrator, but it does provide feedback to your pelvic floor with movement, that with training will help cue and trigger a reflexive contraction of your pelvic floor muscles as you move throughout your day, and work to keep them inside.

We all have different sensory levels and not all women are able to consciously sense the subtle vibrations the devices provide with movement, even though they are occurring. We recommend that you just continue with the training using the step-by-step instructions in the manual.

Q:  Will heavier weights help strengthen my pelvic floor even more?
A:  Probably Not.  The weight is not the key here.  The muscles of your pelvic floor are extremely thin and do not need to be strengthened progressively like your biceps, to provide you with optimal function.  They simply need to be contracted and relaxed correctly to give you the proper pelvic floor function for controlling bladder leakage and toning your pelvic floor.

These types of pelvic floor strengthening devices work because of proprioception – they help your brain identify where your body parts are in space (and in this case pelvic floor muscles).  That is why these devices are so effective – not because of some progressive weightlifting routine.    

Our IntiFit devices have the most comfortable ergonomic shape and the most active kinetic cueing mechanism, to give you the best reference for contracting your pelvic floor muscles around, so that you can isolate them and learn how to correctly kegel towards building a functional pelvic floor musculature.  The correct contraction is the key, not the amount of weight. 

Furthermore, if the weights are too heavy (like in some other sets), they can actually do more harm than good and contribute to prolapse instead of helping to cure it.

Q: What lubricant can I use with my kegel exerciser?
A:  We only recommend using water-based lubricants for these silicone devices. Mineral or petroleum-based lubricants can have a bit of effect and will cause degradation on the silicone devices.

Q: Can you give me instructions on how to use the products?
A: Sure. The instructions for either device are the same and each kit comes with detailed instructions and an ebook to help you build stronger pelvic floor muscles.

The single exerciser is wider and weighs less than the double exercise device. We suggest that you start with the single exerciser and work with it first before going for the double. If the single is too wide for you, or if you would like more of a challenge to start, go ahead and start with the double device as it is narrower and heavier.

The instructions and ebook are very detailed but if you have specific questions and goals, our customer service team would be happy to clarify any specifics for you. Just let us know and we will do our best to help you out.

Q: I just gave birth. Why can’t I move and feel them?
A: Due to the recent trauma in that area of your body, you may not have good sensation and that may take some time to come back. Before trying more steps and performing any exercise routine, make sure that you consult your physician first to ensure you are in good health and able to perform the exercises described.

Each kit comes with detailed instructions and an ebook to help you out. We suggest you try the activities listed in steps 3-6 in your included training guide.

If you are struggling to get a proper contraction with the instructions and ebook, we have a dedicated and friendly customer service team that are willing to help. Just let us know how it goes, and if we can help you in any other way.

Q: How far in can I insert the device?
A:  The recommended insertion of the device for most women is 1 inch or approximately 2.5cm inside the vagina with the silicone string outside.  Both the devices are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably for most women.

Q: How long can I wear them?
A: It is suggested that you ease into longer periods of use, as you don’t want to strain your muscles, but if you are having success keeping them in, you can can work up to wearing them for hours at a time, as you go about your daily activity. Please note that it is best to seek the advice of your doctor first if you have specific concerns about your health.  NOTE: Always remove the device prior to sleeping and before using the bathroom.

Q: Is it normal to feel pain with exercise?
A: If you are having any discomfort using the device(s), it is best to stop using them and seek the advice of your physician about what might be going on. The devices are very safe to use and are made from 100% medical grade silicone.

Q: Should it feel tight when I use it?
A: Every woman's anatomy is a little different and while some women have had multiple children and present with weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, other women have not had children and/or present with very strong pelvic floor musculature. Our premium kegel exercise kit is an excellent kit that fits most women.

We recommend trying a little water based lubricant, and some of the advanced exercises in the manual if you feel that the single device is tight. You can also progress quickly to the double unit, as it is heavier and thinner making it more challenging to perform the exercises.

Q: Where is my order?
A: All of our orders are taken, and fulfilled (sent out) by Amazon's warehouses, so in order to provide you with an additional solution, we suggest that you contact their customer service department at (888) 280-3321 and press 0 at the prompt (24 hrs a day 7 days a week).  Our dedicated and friendly customer service team can help you follow up but we are not allowed to transact in your behalf when there is a shipping issue.

Q: I did not receive my Ebook
A: It is possible that there is an issue with the email attachment delivery of your email service provider.   We apologize for that. Just send us an email via our contact page so we can send you the same 6 Step Training Manual and User Guide that we send in every package and it should help you maximize the benefits of your new IntiFit Kegel Kit.

Q: How long is your Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty Period? 
A: IntiFit Kegel Exercisers are manufactured to last for life! If you take good care of these devices they should last you a lifetime. We offer an industry leading Lifetime guarantee and warranty period. If for any reason you would like to return the devices, please reach out to me by responding to this email and I will be here to provide you with great customer service!

If there are any issues getting your refund, please let us know and we will work to expedite it for you. However, it would help us if you can specifically tell us what is not working. We constantly make sure that we understand your needs and improve our services and merchandise for our customers.

We are confident about the quality of our products and our dedicated and friendly customer service team is willing to help out if you have any questions.

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Neck Stretcher - Enhanced

Q: Is there a way to use this neck stretcher with only 2 tubes inflated instead of 3?

A: There is a small bead that can be pinched into the tube to block the air going into one chamber, which is designed to provide exactly this option.

You can pinch the bead from the small bubble on the tube so it could block the air from going into the third chamber, this bubble and bead can be found in one of the three tubes that go into the device.

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