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The practice of ascribing supreme importance to the state of being in good health.

Welligion is our collection of experiences and the best treatment techniques we know from many professional physical and mental health clinical practices.  It is also a collection of anecdotes from the brave patients, parents, and caregivers who tackle illness every day and their best ideas on wellness and caring for their loved ones. #abraveparent

As professionals on the front lines of Physical Therapy and Psychology, who spend more time than any other medical profession with their patients, we have seen many examples of solutions that exist for people who are willing to change, and we want to share these techniques with you.

The status quo in “health and wellness” would have you accept illness, physical and cognitive decline, and pharmaceutical drugs or surgery as your only hope.  To this we say "No Thank You" and are excited to share many of the alternative healthy practices, tools and techniques we see working for people every day, that have helped thousands of people just like you.

We work on the leading edge of research and theory that is informed by the anecdotal information we get from our patients and caregivers, and When it Works, We Share it on Welligion.

Lastly our Welligion is not some super-framework for ultimate health, because no one has all the best answers, but it is a collection of individual experiences, many tools and techniques that we know can work NOW for the motivated and Welligious among you who "ascribe supreme importance to the state of being in good health."

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