The company sent me information on the product before I even received it. They sent the direction on how to use the product and it was very helpful. They have been wonderful about making sure if there are any questions they are there to answer them. Cathryn C.

Discreet packaging, quick and easy service, sent follow up email to assure I was satisfied. Two-thumbs up! Chelsea T.

I like how the owner of the product actually reached out to me and also answered my questions. It says a lot about the company! As far as the product is concerned? Well, it's still new to me and I guess I have to keep on practicing to get the real benefit. Will keep you updated. Stacy ML.

Very helpful and courteous seller. Really cares about, and is knowledgeable about women's pelvic health issues and this product. Deborah L.

Great job with the communication, I received an email from one of the owners just to make sure I'm happy with the product. That is what I call excellent customer service. Lynettia F.