Inti Fit Silicone Massage Cupping Therapy Kit - Deep Tissue Massage

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Get rapid results, at home or in the spa. This IntiFit Premium Silicone Cupping Kit works 6x times faster than traditional pressure massage therapies.


Ancient Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cultures use cupping and suction therapy. It promotes mental and physical well-being and relaxation. It effectively treats a wide range of skin and physical conditions and speeds up healing by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Your large cupping body tools kit includes 1 X-Large Cup (2.75”), 1 Large Cup (2”), 1 Medium Cup (1.5"), and 1 Small Cup (1.25") + Silk Studio Bag, a BONUS Nylon Shower bag, User Guide and link to instructional videos.

They are guaranteed SAFE for personal and professional use for anyone and are easy to clean and store in the included studio or shower bags, so you can use your cups wherever you go.

-Head, shoulders, neck, body and muscle ache relief
-Enhanced skin tone, collagen, and elasticity
-Visibly reduce varicose and spider veins, cellulite, and scars
-Reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines
-Chronic Pain Relief and Management
-Release from Stress
-Relief for Rheumatic diseases - fibromyalgia and arthritis
-Improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and digestion
-Blood pressure control for Hypertension (high blood pressure)
-Decongestion for those with colds, cough, allergies, and asthma
-Increased Energy, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation

Choose the right size for the target area and squeeze with your desired pressure. Apply and release on the skin to create a suction. Use static or motion cupping techniques. They can be used with or without oils or creams and they work very well in the shower with water and soap.

Order now and Experience the health benefits of the Inti Fit Premium Silicone Cupping Therapy Kits.